Out of the Body – Music using sound from inside and outside the body

2010 was the first ‘question’ driven technological music research project I led as lecturer in composition - in many ways the start of a broad research and practice trajectory which continues till today. This inter-disciplinary project between digital arts, Wits medical school and music explored questions around using the body as a sound source in as many ways as possible: pre-recorded, live triggered, as controller and even as a live sound source. Participants were encouraged to ‘run wild’ and we dreamed up a range of individual solutions for the 8 composer participants. These ranges from tracking tai-chi, to [...]

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The Settlement – Archaeology, African Instruments and Audio Technology

I was approached by the Wits Arts Museum in early 2018 to prepare a concert for their series ‘First Thursdays’ in collaboration with Meryl Lynch, and immediately reached out to my friend and colleague Mpho Molikeng to collaborate. Narratives around decolonization, not only in the curriculum of universities, but also the interrogation of historical memory inspired a performance-based research topic, emerging from the cultural diversity at the intersection of my own work and that of Mpho Molikeng’s. In March of 2018 I stumbled across an article regarding research undertaken by Wits University Archaeology students, in collaboration [...]

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