This multi-year research project set out to develop an expanded musical instrument, one which enabled the user or wearer to expand their capabilities whilst not abandoning or impinging on instrumental skills that may have taken a lifetime to perfect.

Many digital systems often shift the performer behind a laptop or even forcing musicians to fake ‘liveness’. This system sought to build on, rather than change existing performer capabilities through prosthetic extensions to the instrument and the wearing of an exoskeleton. This particular result was dubbed the cyber-guitar: an extended electric guitar which has its signal modified in part via an exoskeleton, mapped via controllers.

This allowed traditional performance with an instrument to continue, with other unused parts of the performer’s body accessing controller values – this exoskeleton or suit could easily be worn by any other performer on any other instrument and integrated into their performance practice.

A range of performances, tours and albums were recorded between 2011 and 2017 and are available online and via streaming.

Photos by Christo Doherty