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205, 2021

son0_morph:04 ‘Prayers and Laments’

By |May 2, 2021|0 Comments

This 4th installation in this son0_morph series is not only a solo recording project, but also a reflective journey into my history as a performer. I began my career as a classical guitarist, but remember always being engaged with music technologies via listening to multiple musical genres, simply loving acts like Tangerine Dream to Jean-Michel Jarre whilst growing up. Later in classical performance studies I ‘discovered’ Glenn Gould. His pianistic style was a revelation to [...]

2904, 2021

son0_morph:03 duo

By |April 29, 2021|0 Comments

live on bandcamp 30/04/2021 The four works on this album are an audio document - a recording of a conversation between two musicians from very different backgrounds. Composer and wind instrumentalist Cameron Harris (Dancing a Stone - Dahinden/Kleeb/Harris) works here with cor anglais and Max for Live creating dense pointillistic pitch-based materials in response to the ambient soundscapes from Crossley’s guitar work. It is in the technologically mediated moment of meeting that the music/sonos [...]

704, 2021

Out of the Body – Music using sound from inside and outside the body

By |April 7, 2021|0 Comments

2010 was the first ‘question’ driven technological music research project I led as lecturer in composition - in many ways the start of a broad research and practice trajectory which continues till today. This inter-disciplinary project between digital arts, Wits medical school and music explored questions around using the body as a sound source in as many ways as possible: pre-recorded, live triggered, as controller and even as a live sound source. Participants [...]

504, 2021

The Settlement – Archaeology, African Instruments and Audio Technology

By |April 5, 2021|1 Comment

I was approached by the Wits Arts Museum in early 2018 to prepare a concert for their series ‘First Thursdays’ in collaboration with Meryl Lynch, and immediately reached out to my friend and colleague Mpho Molikeng to collaborate. Narratives around decolonization, not only in the curriculum of universities, but also the interrogation of historical memory inspired a performance-based research topic, emerging from the cultural diversity at the intersection of my own [...]

304, 2021

The Cyber-Guitar System: Technologically Enabled Performance Practice

By |April 3, 2021|0 Comments

This multi-year research project set out to develop an expanded musical instrument, one which enabled the user or wearer to expand their capabilities whilst not abandoning or impinging on instrumental skills that may have taken a lifetime to perfect. Many digital systems often shift the performer behind a laptop or even forcing musicians to fake ‘liveness’. This system sought to build on, rather than change existing performer capabilities through prosthetic extensions to the instrument [...]

204, 2021

Power UP! – Muscle on, music on!

By |April 2, 2021|0 Comments

In 2013 electrical engineering, digital arts and music at Wits University partnered up again, this time to take twist up the saying ‘no pain no gain’ and to flex some sonic muscles. I had been following Daito Manabe, a Japanese visual and music artist for a number of years and continue to do so. At that point he had taken the world by storm with his myoelectric face stimulation videos. In these tests, and [...]

3103, 2021

What if the composers pencil actually made the music?

By |March 31, 2021|0 Comments

The musical pencil project was a research and performance project, undertaken in 2012 between Wits University departments of electrical engineering, digital arts and music. I proposed a pencil that could ‘realise’ the music as it was written as if the actual writing process or notating of the music generated the sound in the moment it occurred. In 2011 MIT had developed an audio enabled pencil which they called the drawdio and had made the circuit [...]

2703, 2021

What would a ‘third ear’ be like?

By |March 27, 2021|0 Comments

Tricosmic was a research and performance project that took place in 2014 with the Wits music and resulted in a ‘silent’ performance at the Planetarium in Johannesburg. The questions posed wondered what it would be like to be to sit next to someone at a concert, to have your ears completely uncovered, hear them breath and move next to you, yet only hear music inside your head trough a ‘third ear’? How would you [...]

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